Thomas Sykes and James Sykes (second generation)

Thomas Sykes was the second son of William and Sarah Sykes and was born at Appin on 4th October 1812. He was baptised at St John's Church of England, Parramatta, in the same year. He became a Catholic in 1827, being received into the Church by Father Therry.

He moved to Goulburn with his brother George in 1829 and there lived until his death in 1836 (aged 24). He remained single, and I cannot find out how he died, but that he is buried at Ryansvale; evidently there was no headstone erected. I found an entry of his burial in the Goulburn Register of Deaths.

James Sykes was the third son of William and Sarah, and was born at Appin on 4th March 1815. He was baptised in St Luke's Church of England, Liverpool, in 1817. He was received into the Catholic Church by Father Therry in 1827. He died at Goulburn in 1836 (aged 21) - the same year as Thomas, his elder brother, and is buried at Ryansvale; there is no headstone. He remained single.

Ellen Sykes (third generation), daughter of George Sykes and Catherine Crowe