Kathleen Sykes (fourth generation)

Kathleen was the first child of Stephen Sykes (third generation) and Charlotte Barden, and was born on 25th November 1868.
On 4th March 1889, Kathleen married John Kelly who was a teacher and later became an inspector with the Education Department. They had a family of four boys (including Reginald – see below) and seven girls, three dying as infants.
For more details of Kathleen, John and descendants, see Stephen-Kathleen line.
Kathleen died suddenly on 14th June 1935, at Strathfield, and was buried at Rookwood Cemetery. Father P. Kerwick officiated at the grave.

John Kelly

I found an extract about John's teaching career from Happy Highways , by G. V. Portus, who was a pupil of John Kelly. Mr Portus studied at the Sydney University for the Anglican Ministry, went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, and was ordained while in England.

"When I first attended the local public school at Morpeth (in the 90's) no interest was taken in the boys and girls outside school hours. No attempt was made to organise games for them. What sport we got we had to provide for ourselves. Later we got a new headmaster (Mr John Kelly), whose attitude was entirely different. I don't know if he is still alive. If he is I should like to say 'thank you' to him. If he is not I take off my hat to his memory. To him his school was far more than lessons and discipline. It was a little community within a larger community of the town. A sportsman himself, he knew the value of games, yet kept them in their right place. Under his supervision we built a tennis court, and it was he who organised the schools in the district, in cricket competition. He ran concerts by the school to obtain the money to pay for our sports material. I am glad to remember that we did him proud by being the first winners of the cricket competition, though in numbers we were the smallest of the schools."

Reginald Michael Kelly & Jessie Macdonald

Reginald was the third child of Kathleen and John Kelly and was born on 6th September 1895. He was a surveyor, and became the chief surveyor for the Sydney City Council. He married Jessie Macdonald on 27th 12ecember 1920. Jessie was born on 23rd May 1895, her mother was Ann Marshall, and her father David Laurie Macdonald, who was the manager of Paul and Grey Ltd., Shipping Chandlers. Jessie was born at Newcastle.
The family lived at Newcastle for the first few years, as Reg was in partnership with his brother Leslie in a surveying firm. In 1925 they both moved to Sydney when Reg joined the City Council and Leslie the Fairfield Shire Council. Jessie and Reg had two children, Kathleen Margaret, now Sister Reginald of the Order of Sisters of St Joseph, and John David, now married with two daughters and a son. Sister Reginald joined the Order on 14th February 1950. John graduated through Duntroon; he has served in Korea and Vietnam. He married Kerry Ann Sim on 13th June 1952. He is a Lieutenant-Colonel and has won the D.S.O. John has been appointed as Assistant Military Attaché in Washington.

William Sykes (fourth generation)

William (shown right), son of Stephen and Charlotte, and brother of Kathleen, was born on the 20th October 1872. He married Helen Josephine Buck, and died on 21st October 1921, aged 49.
For details about William and Helen's children and descendants, see Stephen - William line

Edwin Joseph Sykes (fourth generation), brother of Kathleen and William