Thomas Francis Sykes (fourth generation)

Thomas was the eighth child of the eleven reared by Stephen Sykes (third generation) and Charlotte Sykes. As a young man he worked around the Goulburn district, especially on the Springfield property.

Thomas Francis Sykes left Spring Valley to work in Sydney as a tram driver. There was no means of making a living in the country. He rented a house at 49 Ross Street, Forest Lodge, and seven years later bought a house at 40 Harrison Street, Marrickville, where he brought up his family and where he died. His wife also died in that house. He paid £750 for the house and it was sold 30 odd years later for £8000.

Thomas was married to Mary Reardon on 29th April 1914 by Father Murphy in St Peter & Paul's Cathedral, Goulburn.

For more details of Thomas, Mary and descendants, see Stephen - Thomas line.

He was a quietly religious man and expected his children to be the same. Religion was a normal part of his life without fuss, but woe betide anyone who made fun of it. He had a fiery temper as some of his workmates found if they went too far with their jokes. He was just a good father, husband and tramdriver. He passed away on 12th December 1951, and was buried in Rookwood Cemetery.

James Sykes (fourth generation), brother of Thomas