JOHN SYKES (third generation)

John was the fifth child of George Sykes and Catherine Crowe, he was born at Spring Valley on 11th September 1844. John was simple (child like), and he lived at Spring Valley all his life. His father provided a piece of land for him, which joined 'Australind'. When Thomas died in 1928, he asked Lionel, his nephew, to promise to look after John and Julia Rosewarn, who was his housekeeper at Spring Valley.

The Rosewarns lived on the Church of England block on Ike and Jane Fisher's property. Julia, the eldest daughter, was housekeeper for many years at the Sykes house. She nursed George and Catherine in their last illness, and then stopped on and looked after Thomas and John.

Lionel cared for both of them for many years. On John's death in 1931, John, in his will, left his block of land to Lionel in return for all he had done for him. Other members of the family said John didn't have the ability to make a will. It was taken to Court and the Judge ruled that the block of land had to be sold, and the money distributed to all members of the family. Mr J. Galvin bought the block, and all relations received five pounds. So after keeping Julia and John for a number of years, Lionel unfortunately didn't receive the block of land.

John died on 5th May 1931, and is buried in Spring Valley Cemetery, but there was no headstone erected. We must remember it was the depression time, as well as the Court case, and the mix-up over his estate.

JAMES SYKES (third generation), brother of John