GEORGE SYKES (third generation)

George was the seventh child of George Sykes and Catherine Crowe, and was born 22nd November 1848, at Spring Valley. He was a self-educated lad, and while young helped his father as well as obtaining as much farm work as possible around the district. George married Mary Ann Cody, and together they kept the Braidwood Hotel. After doing well there, they sold out, and bought the Hibernian Hotel in Goulburn. They had one daughter, Mary, who was born in 1876.
For details of the descendants of George and Catherine, see George line.
George died in 1903, a few months before his father, and is buried in Kenmore Cemetery. He left the hotel to his wife who was able to carry on the business for several years, but she eventually married a Patrick Heffernan and left the hotel to her daughter, Mary, who had married William Webb. Mary Ann died in 1913.

Mary Sykes (fourth generation)

Mary Webb was the only child of George Sykes and Mary Ann Cody, born on 31st May 1876. She became a day pupil at O.L.M.C., Goulburn, at the age of seven years, and then became a boarder at the age of eight, because her father wished to get her away from the hotel life. She remained a boarder for ten years, and became an expert pianist, obtaining the University Medal on two occasions. The rules prevented her from receiving it twice, so she was awarded a bound volume of the classics instead.

In 1899 Mary married William Webb and had twin boys, George and Harry. In 1903, William died, and after his death her daughter Mary Gabriel was born, and died as an infant. Mary then used her musical talent, and taught music for nine years until she married George Siebert in 1912. They had no children, but Mary spent the rest of her life caring for her twin sons, George and Harry.

The last few years of her life she spent in Our Lady of Consolation Home, and Mary died, as she had always wished, with the nuns around her. She is buried in Botany Cemetery.

HENRY JOSEPH SYKES (third generation), brother of George