HENRY JOSEPH SYKES (third generation)

Henry Joseph Sykes (left) married Leah West (right) in 1860. They resided at Lake Bathurst for a few years where they kept an hotel. Later they took up land at Spring Valley, near Goulburn, mainly dairying and sheep, and stayed there for a few years. They left Goulburn travelling by covered wagon drawn by two draught horses to purchase land on the Southern Tablelands at Nimitabel, where Leah passed away giving birth to her fifteenth child on 18th January 1900.
For details about the children and descendants of Henry and Leah, see First three generations.

From Nimitabel by boat to Byron Bay, and then by train to South Kyogle (lower left), where Henry took over management of a dairy farm on 28th September 1912. He lived there for about five years. Then Henry bought a home in Kyogle where he resided until his death on 28th July 1935 (below).

William Sykes (fourth generation)

William (WL) Sykes

Shop at Bunarong Road Matraville

William and his son Leonard

Leonard A Sykes, Palestine, around 1941

William (W.L. Sykes) was the eldest son of Henry Sykes and Leah West, and married Maud Mary Russell. Their family history is with the Monaro historical society.

William ran a shop between1923 and1929 at Bunarong Road Matraville. After 1929 William and his son Leonard moved to Penrith, where they ran another shop.

He died on 21st February 1932 and is buried at Penrith. The shop was sold around 1934. William's widow Maude Mary married her brother in law's brother and became a Haywood.

Leonard A Sykes was attached to the 104 general transport Coy in Palestine and New Guinea. After the war he settled in Condobolin.

Tree of the descendants of William and Mary: see Henry - William Sykes line.

George Albert Sykes (fourth generation)

George Albert Sykes was the second son of Henry Sykes and Leah West, born on 4th October 1883 , at Nimmitabel. George worked around Kyogle as a young man, and then married Eileen Murray (see photo left). Eileen was born at Nowra, on the South Coast, but she and George did not meet until they were at Kyogle.

Eileen and George were an ideal combination, rearing six children, some of them born during the depression. Eileen was a wonderful worker for the church in Kyogle running Queen Competitions and Bazaars, and so raising a lot of money to help build the church. George was a very handy man around the house and worked until his death on 13th April 1958. He had just attended Mass and collapsed on the church steps and died. He is buried in Kyogle Cemetery.
For details about the descendants of George and Albert, see Henry - George Sykes line.

Mary Maria Sykes   (fourth generation) and Robert Jones
Mary was the fourth child of Henry and Leah. Photo right shows Mary with her children.

Gordon Jones (fifth generation)

Gordon (wearing the slouch hat in the photo to the right) was the third child of Mary Sykes and Robert Jones. He was born at Kyogle on 5th August 1918. In 1939 he joined the A.I.F., was captured in Singapore and was forced to work on that terrible Burma Railway. He died as a prisoner-of-war and is buried in the Military Cemetery, Kanburi.

Evelyn Mary Sykes   (fourth generation) and Patrick Jones

Evelyn was the sixth child of Henry Sykes and Leah West, born on 13th May 1889. Patrick Jones was born near Singleton on 26th May 1884. He came by train to South Kyogle in 1910 to work on his aunt's dairying property. He married Evelyn Mary Sykes on 8th October 1913 in Casino Catholic Church. Patrick took over management of his aunt's property until 1931 when he bought property at Horseshoe Creek and resided there until the time of his death on 7th May 1956.
For details about the descendants of Evelyn and Patrick, see Henry - Evelyn Sykes line.

Vincent Sykes

Vincent Sykes   (fourth generation)

Son of Henry and Leah, Vincent is shown right.

Francis Leslie Sykes   (fourth generation)

Son of Henry and Leah, Francis is shown left.

Raymond Bede Sykes   (fourth generation)

Raymond Bede Sykes was born at Nimitabel on the 29th August 1900 to Henry and Leah Sykes. His mother Leah died when Raymond was eighteen months old and the youngest of their family. In the year 1912 when Raymond was 12 years of age the family moved from the South Coast to the North Coast of New South Wales by steamship and settled on a share farm at Cedar Point about three miles from Kyogle. When World War I ended, Henry bought a home in Kyogle and it was the family residence until December 1969 when Vincent, the last of Henry's sons, died. (The old family home is now owned by a grandchild of Henry's—Marie McGregor.)

On leaving school, Raymond was apprenticed to a carpenter, and married Elizabeth Margaret Murray on the 12th June 1925. They built their own home in Kyogle and there were five children of the marriage, one deceased as an infant (two sons and two daughters living). During World War II Raymond worked with the C.C.C. and because of ill-health was discharged and died at the early age of 44. Although he was only spared a few years with his family, his short life was an example of love and sacrifice to his family whom he reared through the depression years.

Raymond and Elizabeth had five children. Their second child was Mary, who married Hilary Daley (their children shown in the photo right). For details about all the descendants of Raymond and Elizabeth see Henry - Raymond Sykes line.


Edward Sykes (third generation)
Born 21st March 1853. Died 22nd December, 1865, aged 12 years (photo of grave shown left).


SILVESTER JOSEPH SYKES (third generation), brother of Henry and Edward