EMILY ANN SYKES (third generation)

Emily Ann Sykes was the youngest daughter of George Sykes and Catherine Crowe and was born at Spring Valley on 31st August 1859. She was one of the first boarders at O.L.M.C., Goulburn. After leaving school she trained with the Department of Education and was a very successful teacher, but, after several appointments, she resigned to assist with the care of her parents in their advancing years. Eventually she married Edmund Ryan, of 'Innisvale', Cullerin, where they resided until retiring. They had one child, Mary.

Emily was a very well educated lady; she was accomplished in the arts, she played the piano, she painted; in short, she excelled in all artistic interests of the day. She died in Goulburn on 13th June 1938, and pre-deceased her husband by seven years. He was born on 10th February 1859, and died on 13th May 1945. He is buried at Goulburn.

Mary Ryan (Fourth Generation)

Mary was the only child of Emily Sykes and Edmund Ryan. The photo was taken when she gained the Diploma of the London College of Music, at the age of 12.

Mary began to learn the piano at the age of six. She passed all available examinations in the different Colleges of Music. Several times she was the most successful candidate in the State. Mary ended her training by passing the coveted L.A.B. A Special Examiner had to come from London for this examination. She has been a wonderful help to hundreds of Sisters in this field.